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Welcome to CatlinHigh.com!

November 2006 Update - I know that the registration process along with the "view all alumni" is not working.  There were some changes at my hosting company which messed a few things up, and I just have not had time to update them.

But don't worry - nothing was lost.

IF YOU WANT TO REGISTER - Feel free to send me an e-mail at:  admin@catlinhigh.com with:  Your name, name at graduation if different, nickname, year graduated, where you are now (as little or as much detail as you want - city, or state, etc... whatever), job if you want to share, e-mail address if you want to share, etc...

Hopefully I will be able to get everything fixed soon.


If you are a graduate of Catlin High School - please REGISTER in our database, and go POST A MESSAGE in our message board.

This site is here to help reunite people who may have graduated from Catlin High School.  There are many other "alumni" websites out on the web, but this here is here just for Catlin graduates.  Here are some things different from those other "alumni" websites:

  • No spam e-mail
  • No junk e-mail
  • No pop-up ads
  • No money - Everything here is FREE!  (Some sites charge up to $35 just to view a classmates profile - But not here!)

Have a suggestion?  Post it in our Message Board!

2002-2006 - A service of COAN.NET  This site is also not associated in any way to Catlin High School, but just a past student trying to help other CatlinHigh graduates find lost friends.